Current Courses

Fall 2017

GS SLST 6000 Law and Social Theory

Instructor: Miriam Smith

Course Description:  This course offers an overview of the major contemporary theoretical perspectives on law and society. Among the different approaches we consider are those that define law as a source of social and moral regulation, as ideology, and as discourse.

GS SLST 6005 Advanced Research Strategies in Socio–Legal Methods

Instructor: Kimberley White

Course Description:
This course surveys the various ways in which data are conceptualized, collected and analyzed in research in socio–legal studies. It aims to ensure that all students on the degree program have mastered social science methodology including historical and documentary research methods, survey methods and questionnaire design, interview techniques, observational methods, and the interpretation of official statistics. A distinctive feature of this course will be the emphasis on the dynamic relationships between problems, theories, methods, and politics.

GS SLST 6030 Politics of Security and Regulation

Instructor: James Sheptycki

Course Description: A critical examination of security and regulation in contemporary and/or historical settings. Critical theoretical work on risk, dis/order, community and security assessed alongside practices and sociolegal policies that may include national security, economic regulation, private versus public policing.

GS SLST 6065 Colonialism, Race and the Law: Sociological Implications

Instructor: Carmela Murdocca

Course Description: The objective of this course is to provide students with theoretical and methodological tools to critically examine and explore the relationship between race and processes of racialization and contemporary legal order.

Winter 2018

GS SLST 5900 Directed Reading

Instructor: N/A

GS SLST 6040 Law, Crime and Exclusion

Instructor: Amanda Glasbeek

Course Description: This course critically examines current perspectives on law, crime and exclusion in terms of conceptual innovations, empirical research and theoretical debates within criminology, socio–legal studies and related fields.

GS SLST 6070 The Political Economy of Work and Welfare

Instructor: Leah Vosko

Course Description: This course explores the political economy of work and welfare in industrialized countries through three strains of literature: the welfare state literature; writings in feminist political economy; and, scholarship in socio–legal studies concerned with the changing nature of employment. It examines how states, markets, "families," and social movements influence the development, consolidation, and restructuring (or retrenchment) of work and welfare regimes, with emphasis on the social relations of gender, race, and citizenship.

GS SLST 6100 MRP Seminar (Required)

Instructor: Annie Bunting

Course Description: This will consist of a series of meetings in the second term in which students will be provided with advice on how to write their major research papers, and required to briefly present their MRP proposals to their fellow students as well as faculty. Beyond experience in presenting their work, the seminar is seen as an important mechanism for ensuring that students are kept on track and have clear expectations for the MRP.

GS SLST 7100 PhD Seminar (Required)

Instructor: Nergis Canefe

Course Description: The objective of this course is to facilitate the completion of the Dissertation Proposal through discussion and feedback with peers and faculty advisors. In addition, the seminar provides an opportunity to discuss the academic process and professional expectations. This course is offered every other year and therefore students will take it either in their first or second year.

Summer 2018


Course Descriptions

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