The Graduate Program in Socio–Legal Studies draws from a large complement of highly qualified scholars at York, who work in the area of socio-legal studies. The Director and the program’s unique faculty represent diverse disciplines across the university and their profiles are outlined below.

Colaguori, Claudio—Graduate Program Director

Ph.D. (York)
Office: S773 Ross
Phone: (416) 736- 2100 ext. 20509
E-mail: gpdslst@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Sociology of crime and deviance; food insecurity; culture and violence; governmentality and biopower in the post 9/11 era; critical theory

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Arthurs, Harry W.

S861 Ross Building
(416) 736-5407

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Bandopadhyay, Saptarishi

LLMs (Harvard & American University), SJD (Harvard)
Office: 4053 Osgoode Hall Law School
Phone: (416) 736-5488
E-mail: sbandopadhyay@osgoode.yorku.ca

Research Interests: Intellectual Property Law; Disaster Governance; Humanitarian Law; International Environmental Law and Politics; Legal and Environmental History; Science and Technology Studies; Law and the Humanities

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Barras, Amélie

PhD (London School of Economics)
Office: S726 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 77619
E-mail: abarras@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Human rights, religious freedom, politics, secularism, gender, Islam, legal pluralism

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Berger, Benjamin

SJD (Yale), of the Bars of Ontario and British Columbia
Office: 3030 Kaneff Tower
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 55867
E-mail: bberger@osgoode.yorku.ca

Research Interests: Law and religion, criminal and constitutional law and theory, the law of evidence, legal history,  judgment and the judiciary, law and the humanities

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Bhatia, Amar

BA (Queen's), MA (Sussex), LLB (Osgoode), LLM (Toronto) SJD (Toronto)
Office: 4054 Ignat Kaneff Building
Phone: (416) 736-5544
E-mail: abhatia@osgoode.yorku.ca

Research Interests: Professor Bhatia is interested in supervising research on topics at the intersection of migration, Aboriginal, and Indigenous law. He is also interested in supervising students working on topics related to Canadian immigration & refugee law, aspects of Canadian property law, the laws and policies of transnational migrant work, and community lawyering.

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Brock, Deborah

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Office: 2108 Vari Hall
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 60302
E-mail: dbrock@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Social, moral and sexual regulation; governmentality; processes of criminalization.

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Bunting, Annie

SJD (University of Toronto)
Office: S732 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 20500
E-mail: abunting@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Contemporary Slavery; International Human Rights; Socio-legal studies of marriage and childhoods; Critical Humanitarianism; Feminist international criminal law; Legal Pluralism/ Legal Anthropology.

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Canefe, Nergis

SJD (Osgoode)
Office: 133 McLaughlin College
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 30392
E-mail: ncanefe@yorku.ca

Research Interests: International criminal law, legal pluralism, forced migration and human rights, critical citizenship studies, genocide and mass killings, legal ethics, nationalism studies

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Coombe, Rosemary

SJD (Stanford), Senior Canada Research Chair in Law, Communication & Culture
Office: 3007 TEL Building
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 30157
E-mail: rcoombe@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Intellectual property; commodification of culture; informational capitalism; cultural rights; biological diversity; governmentality; modernity; postcolonial theory; transnationalism; politics of tradition; legal anthropology

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Craven, Paul

Ph.D. (University of Toronto), C.S.C.L. (Osgoode Hall)
Office: S759 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-5678
E-mail: pcraven@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Legal and labour history and the political economy (Canada); labour relations; law, policy and practice; employment law in the British Empire; low law and petty justice; administrative and quasi-judicial tribunals; computer applications in historical research

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Dimock, Susan

Ph.D. (Dalhousie), Master of McLaughlin College
Office: 224 McLaughlin College
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 77083
E-mail: dimock@yorku.ca

Research Interests: The value of the rule of law; traditional jurisprudence; legal theory; criminal and constitutional law; punishment, responsibility and defences.

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Ehrlich, Susan

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Office: S541 Ross Building
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 22574
E-mail: sehrlich@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Discourse analysis; language, gender, and sexuality' language and the law

Foster, Lorne

Ph.D. (York), Director Institute for Social Research
Office: Dahdaleh Building 5054
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 33462
E-mail: lfoster@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Public policy formation (esp. in the areas of ethnicity and race, income policy and human rights); labour market and social policy reform focused mainly on public policy and law; empirical social-legal research; institutions and social policy; intersections between workplace diversity and human rights; and theoretical work on social justice.

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Frederiksen, Soren

Ph.D. (York University)
119 McLaughlin College
(416) 736-5384 

Research Interests: Scientific evidence, forensics, law of evidence, criminal law, science policy, science and technology studies

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Gavigan, Shelley

SJD (University of Toronto), of the Bars of Saskatchewan and Ontario
Office: S844 Ross Building
Phone: (416) 736-5558
E-mail: sgavigan@osgoode.yorku.ca

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Glasbeek, Amanda

Ph.D. (York)
Office: S724A Ross Building
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 33749
E-mail: aglasbee@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Feminist criminology; Canadian women's legal history; moral regulation; risk; gendered fear of crime; urban safety

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Greene, Ian

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Office: 230 McLaughlin College
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 55128
E-mail: igreene@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Canadian constitutional law; judicial behaviour; court management and administration; ethical politics

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Hay, Douglas

Ph.D. (Warwick)
Office: 316 Osgoode
Phone: (416) 736-5563
E-mail: dhay@osgoode.yorku.ca

Research Interests: Comparative history of criminal procedure; punishment; social history of crime; judicial biography; courts and their political significance; private law in the common law world; and the history of employment law

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Hutchinson, Allan

LLD (Manchester), Barrister of Gray's Inn, and of the Bar of Ontario, FRSC.
Office: 409K Osgoode
Phone: (416) 736-5048
E-mail: ahutchinson@osgoode.yorku.ca

Research Interests: Law and politics; legal theory; the legal profession; constitutional law; torts; jurisprudence; civil procedure; racism and the law.

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Jacobs, Lesley

Ph.D. (Oxford)
Office: S730A Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 20430
E-mail: jacobs@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Health and human rights; Chinese & Japanese legal culture; redistributive social policy and contemporary welfare states; egalitarian justice; rights and social movements; legal consciousness; international human rights; international law and local legal culture

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Karaian, Lara

(adjunct member)

Ph.D. (York)
Office: C578 Loeb Building (Carleton University)
Phone: 613-520-2600 ext. 1458
E-mail: lara.karaian@carleton.ca

Research Interests: Legal regulation and construction of sex, gender, and sexuality; feminist, queer and transgender legal theory; risk management and regulation; (self) surveillance; the intersections of criminal and constitutional law; law and morality; critical criminology; cultural criminology; porn studies; the pursuit of a positive theory of pleasure and sexuality in law

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Krikorian, Jacqueline

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Office: S672 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 66229
E-mail: jdk@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Constitutional and administrative law and policy; international law and international legal regimes; federalism and intergovernmental relations; courts, judicial politics and judicial administration; women and the law; legal history; comparative legal systems

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Kurasawa, Fuyuki

Ph.D. (La Trobe)
Office: 2188 Vari Hall
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 77990
E-mail: kurasawa@yorku.ca

Research Interests: social and political theory; cultural sociology; political sociology; political economy; visual studies; cosmopolitanism; human rights and humanitarianism

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Kwak, Laura J.

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Office: S732 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 33356
E-mail: ljkwak9@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Racialization and the Law; Governmentality; Multiculturalism; Post-racialism; Socio-Legal Histories; Critical Race Theory; Social Justice; Politics; Parliamentary Debates; Archival Research

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Lam, Anita

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Office: S721 Ross Building
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 33753
E-mail: lamanita@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Cultural criminology (media representations of crime); law, film/television and popular culture; criminological theories; cultural geography

Law, Tuulia

Ph.D. (University of Ottawa)
Office: S721 Ross Building
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 33753
E-mail: tlaw@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Research interests: discursive and policy responses to campus sexual assault; sex work; sex industry third parties; intersectional gendered violence; interview-based research; feminist criminology.

Further Information: profiles.laps.yorku.ca/profiles/tlaw/

Lawrence, Bonita

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Office: 408 Atkinson College
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 22334
E-mail: bonital@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Regulation of Indigenous identities; federally–unrecognized Indigenous communities; colonization histories in the Americas; gender and colonization; Aboriginal justice; Indigenous–African relations

Further Information: Profile

Lunny, Allyson

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Office: S730 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 44097
E-mail: alunny@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Law & sexuality; critical psychoanalysis; queer theory; semiotics; hate crimes; law & representation

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Maas, Willem

Ph.D. (Yale), Jean Monnet Chair
Office: 352 York Hall
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 88326
E-mail: maas@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Citizenship and nationality; migration; comparative politics; European integration; sovereignty; geopolitics and borders; nationalism; minorities; state formation and disintegration; democratic theory; human rights; federalism and intergovernmental relations

Further Information: Profile

Martel, Marcel

Ph.D. (York)
Office: 2166 Vari Hall
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 30429
E-mail: mmartel@yorku.ca

Research Interests: identity, citizenship, nationalism, and State; moral regulation, society, law, and State; discourses and moral regulation; law; international relations; state sovereignty

Further Information: Profile

McDermott, Patricia

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Office: S731 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 77828
E-mail: patmcd@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Gender issues and the law with a focus on employment and pay equity issues; gender, international human rights law and questions of citizenship

McMillan, Jane

(adjunct member)

Ph.D. (University of British Columbia), Chair and Associate Professor Dept. of Anthropology Saint Francis Xavier University, Canada Research Chair of Indigenous Peoples and Sustainable Communities
Contact: PO Box 5000 Antigonish, Nova Scotia, B2G 2W5
Phone: (902) 867-5021
E-mail: ljmcmill@stfx.ca

Research Interests: Indigenous law; legal consciousness; sovereignty; engaged decolonizing methodologies; Indigenous treaty rights; Indigenous knowledge

Moore, Timothy

Ph.D. (S.U.N.Y. Buff.), Chair of the Psychology Department.
Office: 167 York Hall
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 88355
E-mail: timmoore@glendon.yorku.ca

Research Interests: Psychology and the law; social science and courtroom rules of evidence

Further Information: Profile

Murdocca, Carmela

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Office: 2155 Vari Hall
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 60308
E-mail: murdocca@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Sociology of colonialism, race, racism; multiculturalism/nationalism; biopolitics and governance; historical injustice and compensation; processes of criminalization

Further Information: Profile

Mykhalovskiy, Eric

Ph.D. (York)
Office: 2078 Vari Hall
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 66405
E-mail: ericm@yorku.ca

Research Interests: HIV criminalization, public health and the medico-legal borderland, noise and urban governance, institutional ethnography

Further Information: Profile

Okafor, Obiora Chinedu

Ph.D. (UBC)
Office: 331 Osgoode
Phone: (416) 736-5043
E-mail: ookafor@osgoode.yorku.ca

Research Interests: International law, South–North Africa; human rights; NGOs; self–determination; statehood; immigration; refugees; third world; 9/11 and security; Nigeria

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Pratt, Anna

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Office: S722 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 33748
E-mail: apratt@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Criminology; socio–legal studies; administrative discretion; policing borders; punishment; national in/exclusions; immigration and refugee determination

Further Information: Profile

Ryder, Bruce B.

Office: S846 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 55548
E-mail: bryder@osgoode.yorku.ca

Schuller, Regina

Ph.D. (UWO)
Office: 245 Behavioural Science Building
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 33190
E-mail: schuller@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Psychology and law; jury decision making; expert testimony; violence against women; environmental justice; risk regulation; global governance; environmental law and policy

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Scott, Dayna Nadine

Ph.D. (Osgoode), Of the Bar of Ontario
Office: 4037 Osgoode Hall Law School
Phone: (416) 736-5721
E-mail: dscott@osgoode.yorku.ca

Research Interests: Environmental justice; risk and regulation; environmental governance; precaution; women’s health and the environment; risk and gender; environmental health; urban environments; Aboriginal environments and resources

Further Information: Profile

Sesay, Mohamed

Ph.D. (McGill)
Office: S775 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 20510
E-mail: msesay19@yorku.ca

Research Interests: International criminal justice, transnational justice, rule of law, post conflict peace building, justice sector reform, customary justice systems, and grave crimes in the context of war and authoritarian rule.

Further Information: Profile

Sheptycki, James

Ph.D. (London School of Economics)
Office: S726 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 53726
E-mail: jshep@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Criminology; the sociology of law; world affairs and globalisation theory; guns, crime and the weaponisation of society.

Further Information: Profile

Slowey, Gabrielle A

PhD (University of Alberta), Political Science
Office: Kaneff Tower, 724
Phone: (416) 999-5419 ext. 22564
E-mail: gaslowey@yorku.ca | robdir@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Indigenous Peoples , Community-Based Research, (Unconventional) Resource Extraction/Energy and Natural Resources, Politics, Treaties and (Self-)Government, Environmental Politics, Indigenous Politics (Environment/Unconventional Resource Extraction)

Further Information: Profile

Smith, Miriam

Ph.D. (Yale)
Office: S720 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 33581
E-mail: mcsmith@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Canadian & U.S. public law and public policy; social movements; institutionalism; domestic human rights and equality policy

Further Information: Profile

Soennecken, Dagmar

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Office: 131 McLaughlin College
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 33408
E-mail: dsoennec@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Comparative politics; public policy; comparative public and constitutional law; interdisciplinary legal theory; citizenship and migration; refugee and asylum; social movements; legal mobilization; Germany; Canada; United Kingdom; EU

Further Information: Profile

Szablowski, David

Ph.D. (York)
Office: S738 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 77814
E-mail: davidsz@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Law and globalization; extractive industries (mining); Indigenous peoples; global legal pluralism; transnational corporate accountability; transnational law; regulation and governance

Further Information: Profile

Topak, Özgün

Ph.D. (Queen's University)
Office: S724A Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 33749
E-mail: ozgunt@yorku.ca

Research Interests: surveillance studies, migration & border studies, citizenship studies, human rights, social theory.

Further Information: Profile

Tungohan, Ethel

Ph.D. (University of Toronto), Canada Research Chair, Department of Politics
Office: S667 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 22055
E-mail: tungohan@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Research Interests: Social movements, migrant activism, public policy, socially engaged research, intersectionality, Canadian and comparative politics.

Further Information: Profile

Tusikov, Natasha

Ph.D. (The Australian National University)
Office: S714A Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 30158
E-mail: ntusikov@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Crime, law and technology, Regulation and governance, Private security industry, Information Technologies, Data governance, Smart cities, Internet of Things.

Further Information: Profile

Visano, Livy

Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Office: 318 Atkinson College
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 66317
E-mail: lavisano@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Law, culture, and inequality with a focus on critical criminology; critical legal studies; cultural studies; youth; ethnographies and prostitution

Further Information: Profile

Vosko, Leah

Ph.D. (York), Canada Research Chair in Feminist Political Economy and Assistant Professor of Political Science and Women‘s Studies.
Office: 044C Atkinson College
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 33157
E-mail: lvosko@yorku.ca | Leah.Vosko@mail.atkinson.yorku.ca

Research Interests: Gender and work; comparative labour and social policy; political economy and globalization

Further Information: Profile

Weisman, Richard

Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley)
Office: S720 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 70452
E-mail: rweisman@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Interdisciplinary approaches to law and legal discourse; popular trials and the construction of national memory; law and the social regulation of affect; law and moral regulation

Further Information: Profile

White, Kimberley

BSc (York), MA, PhD (Toronto), MFA (OCAD), Associate Professor (Law and Society)
Office: S730A Ross Building
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 20546
E-mail: kjwhite@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Socio-legal knowledge production; material, experiential, and conceptual conditions of order/disorder, discipline and transgression; Colonial institutions (law, science, education) and processes of institutionalization; the archive; madness and ‘mental illness’; politics of difference; dangerous art, graffiti and representation; visual, experimental and post-qualitative methodologies; research-creation and arts-based praxis; anti-colonial epistemologies and pedagogies; and practices of narrative inquiry.

Williams, James

Ph.D. (York)
Office: S724 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 20547
E-mail: jamesw1@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Policing of economic crime; sociology of crime and deviance; law and society; sociology of professions; organizational theory; contemporary social theory

Wood, Patricia

Ph.D. (Duke University)
Office: S409 Ross
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 22448
E-mail: pwood@yorku.ca

Research Interests: Citizenship, diversity and politics of identity; urban geography; Native/non-Native relations; immigration and multiculturalism; Western Canada; feminist geography; historical geography; use of non-traditional sources.